Everything Begins With Design


Whether you have an existing application where the bearing is not performing, or a brand new concept or design, Tackpoint has the experience and tools to provide an optimized solution.

With over 70 years of combined professional bearing engineering personnel utilizing leading bearing modeling and calculations software, Tackpoint will supply the solution for your application.


Engineering is at the core of everything we do.

Whether it's pulp and paper, mining or an offshore rig in heavy seas, the process is the same. We dissect the problem and analyze all the forces in play. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the system, our engineers start exploring potential solutions. Nothing is ready for production until the perfect combination of variables has been determined, tested, tweaked and prototyped.


Inspection & Analysis: When bearings go bad.

Strengthening an integrated industrial system often comes down to pinpointing problems. When something goes wrong, Tackpoint has the expertise and tools to help you figure out why. Our process outlines well-researched conclusions and includes copious documentation. Give us a call to ask about a Failure Analysis Report.

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Patents: Sometimes the best thing is to start from scratch.

Often the only way to make a product better is to design a new technique. We're contstantly pushing that envelope.