This year marks 70 years of continuous improvement and invention in the quest to best serve our clients’ needs. Tackpoint grew out of Bearing and Transmission, founded in 1948. For a time, the company was known as QA Bearing Technologies. With the 2016 acquisition of ProtoTech Services Ltd. bringing precision machining in-house Tackpoint has in its hands the full spectrum of creation from ideation and engineering to machining and manufacturing. As design and production technologies continue to surge forward Tackpoint tests and adopts the very best of new tools, adapting them to the specialized work at hand.

We are determined to provide the technical services our customers require for their specialized bearing applications. If you have a unique application that you feel requires a product designed specifically for it, we're interested! Let's see how we can help you.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Tackpoint's ongoing relationship with the University of Alberta has been rewarding all around. We recently placed a highly sophisticated robot into the engineering program. Tackpoint engineers are digging deep into the science of welding with PhD engineers from the school. In collaboration with the university, more exciting collaborations are likely to develop.


Our Mission

For our team to provide industry with exceptionally well engineered solutions, outstanding products and unparalleled customer service, while striving to maintain the highest standards in business and relationships

Our Vision

To be the powerful force of innovation for a world in motion