Caged Thrust Bearings

Made with a special patented process, this bearing simply performs better for longer.

The DynaBearing is an innovative thrust-bearing cage with a patented, two-piece machined steel design. Equally suited to both roller and ball thrust-bearing assemblies, this new design allows Tackpoint to manufacture thrust bearings that meet your specific ID and OD requirements while maximizing the type, size, and number of rolling elements for your application.

No DynaBearing catalogue exists because each bearing is designed specifically for a given customer on a proprietary basis. However, bearings have been manufactured in shaft sizes ranging from 3/4" to 12", using rollers ranging from 4mm to 34mm in diameter and combined bearing stacks of up to five assemblies high.

The combination of impact loading and limited boundary dimensions often necessitates specialized materials with higher core hardness. Races may be made from a variety of through or case-hardened materials to meet your application's need.

To assist you in optimizing the performance of your design, Tackpoint can also accommodate special race features such as larger chamfers or corner radii, flanges, lubrication grooves and holes, or any other proprietary requests you might have. Sealed and shielded full-complement designs have also been manufactured.