About Tackpoint

Nearly 70 years of gold standard advancement. 

That’s right, we’ve been through nearly 70 years of continuous improvement and invention in the quest to best serve our clients’ needs. Tackpoint grew out of Bearing and Transmission, founded in 1948. Known at one point as QA Bearing Technologies and supported by the DynaVenture Group, Tackpoint is now affiliated with Westcap Management. With the 2016 acquisition of ProtoTech Services Ltd. and precision machining now in-house Tackpoint has in its hands the full spectrum of creation from ideation and engineering to machining and manufacturing. As design and production technologies continue to surge forward Tackpoint continues to test and adopt the very best of new tools, adapting them to the specialized work at hand.
We are determined to provide the technical services our customers require for their specialized bearing applications. If you have a unique application that you feel requires a product designed specifically for it, we're interested! We welcome you to contact us to see how we can help you.